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Product Stewardship

Consumers are demanding competitively priced products that are of appropriate quality and are environmentally responsible.

NAS Australia recoginses that to operate successfully in to the future it is imperative that we operate in a sustainable manner.  Our products must collectively satisfy economic, environmental and social aspects simultaneously.   With this goal in mind, we have been working to reduce the
environmental impacts of our operations and products, commencing with a voluntary product stewardship scheme for our NextWave Digital range of set-top-boxes (STB) and personal video recorders (PVR).

As the majority of a product’s environmental impact is determined early in the product design process, NAS has improved the efficiency of resource use in products including but not limited to:

  • The inclusion of recyclability design concepts and environmentally efficient and sustainable manufacturing procedures;
  • Design for relability not price; ensuring a low NextWave return rate;
  • Reducing the product footprint by reducing the physical dimensions of the product and its packaging;
  • Specifying the use of recycled packaging;
  • Adhering to the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS).  In the case of the NextWave PVR1490, exceeding MEPS; and
  • Voluntary adoption of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standard.

Should a NextWave STB or PVR be returned, NAS Australia guarantees:

  • To attempt to refurbish the item first; thus reducing waste through rebirth; and

  • If the returned unit is unfit for rebirth, NAS Australia technicians will strip the STB or PVR, sending the housing, PCB and power supply to certified e-waste recyclers.